The Most Advanced Range of Animal Feeds
& Supplements Available Today

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Redefining Nutritional Standards in Animal Health Since 1971

The Most Advanced Range of Animal Feeds & Supplements Available Today

Since 1971, GWF Nutrition® has become recognised as one of the UK's leading manufacturers of specialist, high quality, animal feeds and supplements. Our range includes one of the UK's favourite dog joint supplements Joint Aid for Dogs, as well as Equilibra, the first ever Feed Balancer for Horses.

The right nutrition can make all the difference to your animal’s health and wellbeing, which is why we only use carefully chosen nutraceutical ingredients (nutricines) to create products that support your animal's natural health from the inside out. Our ground-breaking formulations are backed up by decades of nutritional and manufacturing expertise to give you arguably the most advanced range of animal feeds & supplements available today.

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Featured Products

Joint Aid for Dogs™

The proven dog joint supplement with Muscle Maintenance to aid mobility.

Equilbra® Feed Balancer

The original horse feed balancer. Designed to balance the natural high fibre diet of all horses and ponies and lay the foundation for healthy performance, vitality and condition.

Joint Aid Plus for Horses™

A high specification joint care supplement for all horses and ponies.


A high spec complementary feed for alpacas & llamas designed to support healthy digestion and productivity from natural, forage/fibre based diets.

What Our Customers Say...

"If you feed the best, you get the best results. Equilibra feed balancer ensures that Necta Zenash always maintains peak condition, health and temperament ...I have not only cut down my feeding & grooming times, but reduced my feeding costs, shoeing costs & vets bills dramatically - it's as if the condition just comes out of the bag."

J Shields

"We use Joint Aid for Dogs because you won't find a dog joint supplement that even comes close to it. I want @khaleesithedobe to be running all the way into old age and she needs healthy joints for that. Oatinol is a game changer.


“We are a total GWF family. Having met the team years ago we put one dog on Joint Aid and it transformed his later years, since then every dog has had it… Now the dressage performance horse has joined in - he has Muscle Maintenance and I'm delighted with the results. Thanks team we truly appreciate your knowledge and honesty.”

Amanda Louise Birch

We’ve been using GWF [Joint Aid] for my springer Bobby for 4 months now and he’s gained 1cm of muscle on all three of his legs, gaining muscle is something that he hadn’t been able to do for the last 21 months. We’ll definitely continue using it to help maintain his joints and so that he keeps gaining muscle.”

Charlotte Barnes

"My alpacas thrive on the essential minerals that Camelibra NG-2 contains and I have found that other brands just don’t provide the right balance to keep my animals healthy."

Suzanne Farmer
Panteg Alpacas

"Equilibra has been fantastic for my mare. When I bought her she was lacking in muscle tone, had a poor coat, & brittle feet. I started her on Equilibra, & within a short period of time the difference was remarkable. Fabulous muscle tone, a glossy coat and much improved foot quality, so much so that my Farrier has started his horses on Equilibra!"

Helen Elcombe