Nutritional supplements are becoming more widely used both by us and our pets, and they can be a good way to support your cat’s or your dog’s overall health. Dog joint supplements like Joint Aid for Dogs are amongst the most sought after, with many pet owners finding that glucosamine for dogs can be a beneficial addition to the daily diet.
Nutritional supplements use nutraceuticals to work with the animal’s natural biological processes and can supplement your dog’s diet and/or any treatment from your vet. These nutrients occur naturally in food substances and can be used to support our pets’ health in a variety of ways.
There are so many nutritional supplements for dogs available it’s important to be aware of what you are buying and spend some time looking at the ingredients that go into a product. It’s also worth doing a bit of research to see what other people are saying about a particular supplement.

Joint Supplements for Dogs

Stiff joints are surprisingly common, particularly in older dogs and can be as a result of arthritis, injury or hormonal issues amongst other things. Supplements with glucosamine for dogs are becoming much more widely used as a beneficial way to help support healthy joints, along with hyaluronic acid, Omega 3 fatty acids, turmeric and MSM. Joint supplements are commonly used for hip or elbow displasia in dogs. Some joint supplements for dogs also contain green lipped mussels as an alternative source of some of these ingredients, although the full benefits of these are still relatively unknown*.

Cod liver oil for dogs is also a popular supplement but it’s vital to make sure you buy a supplement intended for dogs, not for humans – these contain very different levels of fish oil and vitamins A and D and giving your dog too much can be extremely dangerous.

Muscle Support Supplements for Dogs

If they are competing in agility, flyball or another performance sport you will need to make sure your dog’s diet has the right nutrition for providing plenty of energy during training and for supporting muscle recovery afterwards.
Supplementing a good quality, balanced diet can be beneficial - look out for supplements that contain high quality protein, with the right profile of amino acids, plus a high level of antioxidants like Joint Aid for Dogs which now includes Muscle Maintenance as standard.
Muscle weakness or muscle atrophy can also often go along with conditions like arthritis that restrict your dog’s movement and activity levels – this means that the muscles are not being worked as normal and begin to weaken. A muscle support supplement like Joint Aid for Dogs can help to maintain muscle mass and aid minimal muscle loss in these circumstances.

Digestive Supplements for Dogs

Food allergies and other digestive problems can result in diarrhea and vomiting in dogs and helping to restore beneficial gut bacteria is one way to approach helping with these conditions. Probiotics for dogs have been proven to support the digestive health and restore the good bacteria needed to fight off environmental antagonists. Digestive Aid for Dogs contains probiotics, prebiotics as well as antioxidants and Verm-X, a botanical mixture for addressing gut hygiene.
Other alternatives for helping your dog’s digestive health include a tablespoon of natural yoghurt, pumpkin, sweet potatoes or banana added to your dog’s usual food. If your dog continues to suffer with an upset stomach, if you see blood being passed or in vomit, or if you suspect your dog may have eaten something poisonous you should seek medical advice from your vet.

Immune Support Supplements with Turmeric for Dogs

Maintaining an active immune system in any dog can be a great way to help prevent allergies and to support your dog’s general health. Turmeric is one of nature’s superfoods and supplements containing curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric) are now widely sought after. Turmeric is understood to have many health benefits, primarily because of its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.
However, research has shown that the amount of the active ingredient curcumin found in turmeric can vary greatly depending on where it was sourced and usually only contains up to around 2% curcuminoids. Because of this we only use the extracted curcumin in our products to give as much as 95% curcuminoids and a reliable nutrient level.

Immune Aid for Dogs contains curcumin from turmeric, piperine (from black pepper) and Omega 3 fatty acids to help support your dog’s immune system and general health.

Supplements for Bad Breath and Body Odour in Dogs

Lots of dogs suffer from bad breath unfortunately, and this is often due to poor oral hygiene although it can point to a more serious issue like diabetes or kidney disease. Body odour can be a problem for many of our beloved dogs too, and this can be caused by food allergies, yeast or ear infections or even gas. If you notice a bad smell around your dog always make sure you have them checked over by your vet to rule out anything serious that may need medical treatment.

Supplements like Odour Aid for Dogs contain natural chlorophyll to support the body’s natural defences against bad breath, body odour and foul-smelling urine and stools. Antioxidants also help to mop up free radicals and provide natural protection for the skin.

Skin and Coat Supplements for Dogs

You can usually see the health of an animal through the shine on their coat and the brightness of their eyes. There should be plenty of good quality protein in your dog’s diet, and essential fatty acids are also key for a healthy coat. If your dog is itchy or their coat is dull you may find that an oil-based skin and coat supplement like Omega 3 Aid for Dogs is helpful. It is made from a blend of high quality vegetable oils including hemp oil and provides the perfect balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.

GWF Nutrition Supplements and the Oatinol™ Delivery System

Our nutritional supplements for dogs are all formulated using our trademarked delivery system Oatinol™. Using a unique blend of oils, including hemp oil and oat oil, Oatinol produces a very fine emulsion which easily crosses the gut wall in the digestive tract, helping to maintain a high rate of absorption of active ingredients like glucosamine. This pioneering approach for aiding the uptake of actives can make the difference between getting beneficial support or not!

This article is not intended to provide medical advice. Always check with your vet before giving supplements or if you feel that your pet is unwell.

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June 18, 2020