Keeping your animals safe in the hot weather

Dog drinking water on a hot sunny dayThe sunny weather at this time of year can be glorious, but extreme temperatures can also pose a danger to us and to our animals. The most obvious one and the subject of many awareness campaigns and reports – never leave your dog in a hot car. The dangers have been well documented and dogs can die in as little as 20 minutes even with windows left open. Here are some simple tips to help you make sure your cats, dogs and horses stay safe in this week’s soaring temperatures:

June 24, 2020

Caring for your senior cat

Senior cat with ownerCats are considered officially senior once they reach around 10 years of age and while they still need just as much care and attention their needs will be different to that of a younger cat. Make sure the food you are providing is appropriate for your cat’s needs. Older cats may need less calories if they are less active than they used to be. Cats also need certain nutrients that are only found in animal sources and their bodies need more protein weight for weight than dogs. 

June 24, 2020
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