The most advanced range of equine feeds and supplements available today for providing optimum health benefits at an affordable price.

Horse & Pony Feeds & Supplements

A comprehensive range of high spec horse food & supplements for optimum health & wellbeing.

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OneCup for Horses

A high specification vitamin and mineral supplement for all horses and ponies. 

  • Provides 22 essential daily vitamins and minerals, ideal for good doers who require less traditional feed to maintain condition.

  • Complements all chaffs, forages and basic feeds.

  • Costs less than 30p per day to feed.

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Tiger Oats for Horses

The complete high energy feed for all hard working horses and ponies.

  • Provides a lower starch (33%), high oil, high fibre, 14MJ/kg energy feed.

  • Provides the perfect combination of slow and fast release energy.

  • Includes a 2mm vitamin and mineral pellet to balance calcium/phosphorus ratios and provide important electrolytes.

Equine - Alfalfa 16kg.png


Alfalfa Soya Oil

A natural high quality forage, which has been de-dusted with a light covering of soya oil.

  • Contains natural digestible super fibres that encourage microbial digestion.

  • Contains high levels of digestible protein, vitamins and calcium.

  • Recommended as part of the GWF Nutrition Equine Feeding Guide.

Equine - Equilibra 20kg.png


Equilibra 500 Feed Balancer

Designed to balance the natural high fibre diet of all horses and ponies and lay the foundation for healthy performance, vitality and condition.

  • Helps to establish and maintain a healthy digestive system.

  • Allows your horse to thrive on a more natural forage/fibre based diet so you can maximise on less expensive feeds such as grass and hay.

  • Provides optimum daily vitamin and mineral content.

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Joint Aid Plus for Horses

A high specification joint care supplement for all horses and ponies.

  • Maintains flexibility of movement in all horses and ponies.

  • Supports the formation of cartilage, tendons, ligaments and synovial fluid.

  • Helps maintain the natural anti-inflammatory actions of the equine's metabolism.

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Farrier's Aid for Horses

Designed to maintain hoof integrity and growth for all horses and ponies.

  • Contains biotin, sulphur and zinc to aid the hardening of hoof horn and prevent cracking.

  • Helps maintain hoof integrity and normal growth.

  • Provides a unique combination of 13 active nutraceuticals including Oatinol™ and high levels of Omega 3.

Equine - Immune Aid 5kg.png


Immune Aid for Horses


A high specification immune support supplement for all horses and ponies.

  • Supports your horse's natural immune response to possible antagonists from feed and environment.

  • Contains antioxidants curcumin (from turmeric) and piperine. 

  • Provides a unique combination of 15 active nutraceuticals.

Equine - X-Lam Aid 6kg.png


X-Lam Aid for Horses

For all horses susceptible to, or recovering from, the effects of laminitis.

  • Approved by specialist equine veterinary practices.

  • Helps maintain the integrity of the basal membrane and all connective tissues.

  • Helps maintain stable digestion in the hindgut and normal healthy blood flow to all areas of the body.

Equine - Fibregest 20kg.png


Fibregest for Horses

The perfect non-soak non-heating conditioning feed for sustaining horses and ponies in all levels of work.

  • Derived from a blend of micronized beet pulp, hemp seed, lean black oats and fortified with seaweed meal, chelated minerals & Oatinol™.  

  • Promotes and maintains condition in all horses and ponies.

  • Provides slow energy.

Equine - NS Fibregest 20kg.png


No Starch Fibregest for Horses

A high specification cereal free, non-soak, non-heating conditioning feed for all horses and ponies.

  • Promotes and maintains condition in all horses and ponies with low starch requirements.

  • Provides only slow release energy from oils and fats and soluble fibre.

  • Very suitable for all horses and ponies with sugar issues.

Equine - Muscle Maintenance 6kg.png


Muscle Maintenance for Horses

A high specification muscle support supplement for all horses and ponies.

  • Designed to promote muscle replenishment and minimise muscle fatigue. 

  • Provides a unique combination of 12 active nutraceuticals including essential amino acids, antioxidants and connective components.

Muscle Care for Horses

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