• Lynne Hicks

All in all I am impressed

I have been using your products for the last month or two and so far I am very impressed. Having had an in-depth conversation with your rep, he got the products delivered to my feed merchant in Fakenham.

My 16hh ID/TB is finally putting on condition! I have had a three year battle to maintain her condition and have tried pretty much every conditioning feed on the market.

Being rather stressy on occasions, too much feed would cause her to over respond to every day stimulus and field walking, spooking, jogging, pulling were all regular occurrences. She has in the past 2 weeks become incredibly settled. She is no longer bolting her food and getting upset, but is calm, and dare I say it, chilled out!

What I love about this feed is the simplicity. I don’t feed her huge feeds (at one point over 6lbs of hard feed) and her diet is balanced and I am saving sooo much money. In this day and age that is great.

All in all I am impressed.

Lynne Hicks

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