• Michelle Maudlin

I always tell them Equilibra

My name is Michelle Maudlin and I would just like to thank you for the information and advice given to me re: feeding my mare ‘Mary’. [15.3hh, warm-blood type, chestnut mare]

She has now in total had 2 x 20kg bags and 1 x 25kg bag and looks the best she has ever looked in the winter!! She has always dropped off weight at winter; she is about 16 or 17 years old but has had quite a lot happen in her life.

Before I bought her she had done some Show Jumping and then had a break to have foals, I think she had about 4 in total (not sure). When I bought her we carried on Show Jumping, within our first year together she had fallen out of the lorry whilst driving down the road and falling over in a trailer plus various other mishaps and colic bursts.

In February ‘98 she got colic quite bad and had to go into hospital, I had realised she had been losing weight even though I was feeding her more than ever. (Not Equilibra at this point). When she went into hospital she was put on a drip and had liquid paraffin on most days, in all, she didn’t go to the toilet for 10 days (very blocked), when she went everyone thought it was all over, she acted normal until evening then was very colicy again.

The vet said he could feel a large lump inside her and I was asked to choose whether she was opened up or called it a day, of course I said open her up. When they did, the tumor they found was huge and in fact when removed fitted into a black water bucket and looked like a beach-ball balanced on top as well.

They said it was like a small foal lying inside her. Anyway, this was successfully removed but she looked like a skeleton afterwards. She came home after 4 weeks in hospital and went out in the field for the summer to gain weight of which she didn’t do too badly but no top line. I fed her (another companies product) in winter but it only just about managed to keep her looking OK and I was feeding loads of the stuff, it was costing a fortune. I then saw your advert in Horse and Hound this winter and decided to give you a ring.

The man I spoke to was very helpful and I was instantly pleased with the feed. I started feeding it just before she was due to start coming in at night and I have never had to feed more than 500g a day and she only has hi-fi and a little bit of Alfa-beet with it. She really does look well and lots of people can’t believe it’s the same horse. Some people ask me what I feed her and I always tell them Equilibra and how great I think it is. I recommend it to everyone.

I have also noticed her coat is better and her hooves have improved.

Thanks for everything. Keep up the good work.

Michelle Maudlin


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