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I cannot believe the difference

I have a 24 year old 16:3hh Irish Draught cross gelding who I have had the pleasure of for fifteen years. He has always been full of life, full of beans and quite a handful and up until February this year has always been a good doer who saw a blade of grass and put weight on. In February he began to lose interest in life, lost a lot of weight, lost interest in food and, basically, just appeared to drag himself about.

I have never had to feed “Bodie” in summer, in Winter he has had a course mix, sugar beet and chop. The mistake I made through last winter was to feed him a scoop of barley in addition – thinking it would help keep his weight on. We have put the imbalance down to the barley.

A friend of mine suggested I try Equilibra and I cannot believe the difference in my horse. He has been having Equilibra since June and he is like a different horse. He trots into the yard for his feed, canters down the field with the odd buck and squeak, his eyes are bright, his ribs are now well covered with a beautiful shiny soft coat and he has started to be bolshie again and full of himself. I feel he is now ready to be ridden again and I cannot thank Equilibra enough for returning my much loved horse back to me as I really thought I was on the way to losing him.

I feed him twice per day each feed made up of 2 x double handfuls of Alfalfa Oil, 1x measure of Equilibra and 1 x jug full of sugar beet.

Thank you.

Gail Bateman

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