• Sue Beasley

Just amazing

This is the first time have felt the need to put pen to paper, either to praise a product, or complain, however, the results I have seen since feeding my mare Equilibra are just amazing.

I took my mare on loan at the end of December 2000, she was in extremely poor condition, with every rib clearly visible. As she had been left in a bare field for several months with no hay or hard feed, I had to introduce hard feed very gradually. This consisted of the usual feeds recommended for weight gain e.g. barley/ sugar beet. I increased her ration until she was having two very large feeds a day plus ad-lib hay and haylage.

Although she was slowly gaining weight, I was not satisfied with her progress, a friend on the yard recommended Equilibra and as I had nothing to lose I decided to give it a try. When I saw the pellets and the daily ration recommended I thought that there was no way this would work!

I started feeding Equilibra in March, and the benefits soon became obvious. You will see on the photographs, one taken March 2001 and the other June 2001, her coat is in great condition.

I am usually a skeptical person and admit to having doubted before and after photographs used in advertisements, but I am now converted after having seen the results of your product with my own eyes. It has to be seen to be believed.

I have my own business and appreciate the power of word of mouth recommendation. I take every chance of telling people of my experience with your product and recommending that they try it.

Thank you for producing such a wonderful feed product!

Sue Beasley

Before using Equilibra

After using Equilibra

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