• Lucy Taylor

Keen as anything out on the course

Electric Blue and I were placed 2nd at the Lindum out of 11 starters and 8 finishers. The ride was 100 miles over 2 days – 60 on the Saturday and 40 on the Sunday – held at Market Rasen Racecourse.

At the vet gates “Leccy” was fed a scoop of Alfa-A, flaked maize (a couple of handfuls), Equilibra, Energest plus molassed sugar beet. His normal feed is two scoops of Readigrass, 8 oz of Equilibra, a product by Trinity Feeds, a few handfuls of flaked maize, carrots and unmolassed sugar-beet. He has two feeds per day normally.

Over Lindum he had his normal feed in the morning and last thing at night, vet gate feeds at every vet gate and a slightly smaller version of his normal feed after he had finished each day. He always had access to hay plus grazing at a ride if possible. He is out all the time in summer when at home.

“Leccy” certainly looked well over Lindum and afterwards he hadn’t lost more weight than can be expected. He went very well and was as keen as anything out on the course the second day.

Lucy Taylor


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