• Deborah Randall

Looks and feels fantastic

I am writing to say how delighted I am with the results I have obtained from feeding my horse Equilibra.

Dogooda is a 10 year old 17 hand Dutch Warmblood x Thoroughbred gelding and I have owned him since he was a 5 year old. I enjoyed considerable success with Dogooda in novice, elementary and medium affiliated dressage competitions but, with a conformation that made Dogooda appear slightly long in the back and not very strong in the hind quarters, we were struggling last summer to make the transition to advanced medium level. Dogooda found it very difficult to obtain the power and engagement needed for the more advanced movements and my trainer suggested that Dogooda had probably reached his limit.

I was reluctantly considering a career for Dogooda as a schoolmaster when an equine nutritionist, Peter Bending, came to my aid and recommended that I feed Dogooda Equilibra. I could hardly believe the transformation that took place over the next few months as Dogooda’s muscle structure altered completely. His topline and hind quarters built up enabling him to develop power and engagement and as a result we have progressed to levels that we previously thought were beyond us

Dogooda has now had several wins at advanced medium level including a win at the recent Cornish Dressage Festival, when he was competing against horses from some of the country’s top yards, and he was second in his first ever attempt at the advanced 102 test in April.

Many people have commented on the tremendous improvement in Dogooda’s appearance and performance and I am absolutely delighted with the benefit I have gained from feeding Equilibra. Dogooda looks and feels fantastic and Equilibra is now a permanent addition to his diet.

Deborah Randall


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