• Lyndsay Thomas

You would not believe the difference

I have owned my horse from the age of three and after breaking her in at four years old then the problems started.

She is a part bred welsh cob x warm blood and now stands at 15 3/4in at the time she was on sugar beet and bran and pony cubes and out by day in by night with hay at night. I changed her feed to just Hifi Lite and Dodson and Horrell pasture nuts and cut out the grass to only four hours a day this seemed to help what we thought was a lot as the vet seemed to think it was a sugar intolerance the only problem is I wanted to show her and she had no condition . So again another plan was needed. I tried Blue Chip the next summer and that seemed to work but she was still down to four hours a day on grass, this was not satisfactory as she would not like it when all the other horses were out and she was not.

Then I heard about Equilibra and thought I would try that instead of the other feed balancer, well you would not believe the difference, now I can turn her out all day every day if I want to, I show her every summer and we have always been in the ribbons the condition on her is fantastic and even though she is a mare the temperament has been very good, as she is very big and strong. So I would like to thank you for your wonderful product and I will be using it for ever more.

Lyndsay Thomas

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