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Your products helped save this horse

Pepper came to me at the end of September - a Gelderlander, standing at 16.3hh and weighing only 490kg.

When he came off the lorry he found it hard to walk in a straight line or even hold himself up properly. He had terrible gut sounds that took several weeks to calm down and eventually go.

I started him on 4 feeds a day that had to be hand fed to him as he wasn’t interested in eating at that point. Over the first few weeks I built up his feed to 4kgs of Alfalfa + Oatinol, 600gms of Equilibra, 1kg of Fibregest plus Immune Aid, with enough water added to make his feed almost like soup. He also had non-stop haylage. After 10 days he had put on 21kgs and I introduced Tiger Oats at three weeks and by this time he was ready to start some light work.

Weighed again at 3 1/2 months and he has put on 70kgs and weighs 560kg. He now looks like a different horse and the weight is still going on. At 5 months he now weighs 575kgs!

Thank you so much for having the products to help me save this wonderful horse.

Sarah Angel

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