• Nicky Carpenter

A very good advert for Equilibra

Just a quick note to let you have an update on Galant Sprinter. Having been off work for almost a year after fracturing her pedal bone last year, she has been back in work for just about a month following a bone scan. She has remedial shoeing in front and has had lots of physio on her back.

She spent last winter out (but rugged up), and had plenty of bulky food and Equilibra as we had to be careful about excess weight on the foot, but we still wanted her to keep her top-line, etc. Can you believe that she was turned out fully clipped and never got a winter coat at all – I think that says something about feeling well from the inside out? Anyway, we are now on the long road to get her fit and then we will see if she wants to come back jumping at National level. So in the meantime I thought I would take her out and do a bit of showing.

I did a Hunter Class a couple of weeks ago at the Newbury Show ground and won that. Then yesterday I did a Riding Club show and did the Riding Club horse (and won it), the Hunter Class (came 2nd) went through to the Championship of Riding Club Horse, Riding Horse, Small and Large Hunters and won it. Then went through to the overall Supreme Ridden Championship, and won that too! I was absolutely gob-smacked as you can imagine as I have not competed in a riding class for nearly 2 years.

I have enclosed a picture taken yesterday so you can see what she looks like – a very good advert for Equilibra.

Nicky Carpenter


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