• Emily McManamon

Amazing results feeding Joint Aid

Dear GWF Team

I just wanted to take a quick moment to let you know the amazing results feeding your joint supplement have had on our retired racing greyhound - Duke.

He's 10 and I decided he may need additional supplements as he was limping a bit and whimpered when he got out of bed - showing signs of old age. Your supplement was recommended to me by Pet Shed and Duke has been on (full support) for three weeks now.

Here is an extract from our dog walker who takes him out at lunchtimes when we are at work;


Meant to say Duke has been an absolute dream to walk this week. He has been full of beans and really happy, straight out of bed every day I've gone to get him and very waggy tailed bless him!

When I took them all to the Lawns on Tuesday he did this amazing flat out lap of the field and me and the other dogs all stopped to watch him and said "Wow" collectively in hushed, overawed voices!

Brought a lump to my throat as he's simply stunning when he runs like that and it’s just so lovely to see him back to his glorious self.

He has a cheeky streak too as he's been coming back for treats then he does a little wiggle and speeds off again!

I don't know what Emily has been feeding him but I'd like some! smile emoticon x


We too have really noticed a difference and I have now started running with the old boy again - something I thought he was no longer able to do as he was getting on a bit!!

He really is like his younger self again - which is fabulous because as a high mileage dog (he retired from racing at 5) I was worried this would affect him as he got older, but not any more ☺

I have ordered myself some of the human supplement in the hope it has such a grand effect on me! But I don't think I'll ever be able to out run him

Many thanks

Emily McManamon


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