• Jenny Hickes

Congratulations on 2 marvellous products.

Having been in retail at one time for over 15 years, I know how quick folk are to complain, but very rarely do they praise, so I wanted to say ‘Congratulations’ on 2 marvelous products.

I breed Boxers on an occasional basis (prone to delicate stomachs) and also own Labradors and was given free samples of your Condition Aid & Joint Aid by my animal feed stockist to try. What a difference. I am now a total convert to your products and have purchased both in quantity.

The 3 year old boxer who was always going off her food now gulps down breakfast with gusto and the 9 year old Labrador no longer struggles to get out of her bed in the morning.

Let me know if you ever launch any poultry products, and I’ll get the whole ‘family’ on your ‘magic’ products.


Jenny Hickes

#canconditionaid #canjointaid

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