• Kim Wallwork

Fantastic results

I would like to tell you about a problem I have had with my horse. I bought him as an 8 month old foal in 1989, he is now 12. He is a full thoroughbred gelding called Wembley. He raced as a 2 year old, now he does affiliated dressage.

About 4 years ago, after a day’s hunting, he didn’t eat for a week, he was diagnosed with gut damage due to stress. I sent a sample of his dung to Probalance who told me that he was only to be fed on an alfa-a diet, no sugar, starches or grains but he could have naked oats and hay ad-lib. I found this diet a bit restricting as I had to feed 4-5 bucket loads a day. I started to add the naked oats as these are easier for him to digest. He seemed to be fine but I found it difficult to get any weight on or muscle to form. A friend of mine suggested Equilibra, so I gradually introduced it in to his diet, with fantastic results.

Alter about 6 months I noticed a real difference to his overall appearance, he was well covered, looked great, eating all his meals, calm and collected at home and at shows, I had lots of comments on how well he looked. I kept on this diet until September ‘99, as my then riding instructor told me the diet was wrong for my horse, as his level of work had increased I had to change the oats to a competition mix, which I did. This is where it all went wrong as his legs started to fill up. She suggested that I got a reputable feed nutritionist out to help with his diet. I phoned “company name 1″ (as they helped her with her dressage horses). They said what I was feeding was wrong and put my horse on 4lb top line cubes, (which they said did not contain anything to upset his digestive system) and 1lb of equine energy and alfa-a. After about 2 weeks he stopped eating, first it was his hard feed then his haylage, he was also dehydrated.

This not eating went on for about 6 weeks. He became as thin as a skeleton, lost all his muscle tone, I was very worried. “Company name”, at this stage said he might have an ulcer and had me buying every bag of feed under the sun, “company name 1″ working cubes, top-line cubes, equine energy and cooked cereal. I was so confused I suggested that he go back on the oats. They said he would need an oat balancer as just oats did not contain enough vitamins and minerals etc., They did send me a couple of small complementary bags of racehorse mix (which is oat based) through the post and to my delight he started eating this, but very slowly.

With the antacid, by now, my horse was stressed and did have an ulcer but stated to eat about 1/21b a day and slowly regained his trust to eat the haylage. I increased the racehorse mix to about 2lb a day with 1Ib of equine energy for weight gain but he became unmanageable. As the racehorse mix is difficult to get hold of, my feed merchant said to change it, as it was something they didn’t stock. They suggested I contacted “company name 2″ as “company name 1″ had give me the run around and he didn’t need all those different types of feeds.

I spoke to “company name 2″ and told them everything that had happened to my horse, they were sympathetic and said I needed to feed a Highly Digestible Fibre Mix that is specially designed for horses with gut damage and poor appetites. I slowly changed to this mix. After about 2 weeks, to my astonishment, the same thing happened, he stopped eating again. I was so upset and annoyed that I just cried. By now I had lost all my trust in these horse feeds and Equilibra came to mind.

I have now gone full circle and gone back on his original diet consisting of 600gms Equilibra, naked oats and alfa-a divided into 3 feeds a day. He is now eating all his meals, putting the weight back on and is back into work after 6 months of confusion, heartache, a £400 vet bill and £60 of uneaten feed in my garage.

I wish I had never changed my horse’s diet, I know my horse better than anyone else and I know that Equilibra is the best thing for my horse and that no other feeds match up.

I would just like to say thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

From a devoted Equilibra fan.

Kim Wallwork

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