• Anna Belton

'Fleur' was now less difficult

When Anna Belton’s parents presented her with a talented new pony, it seemed she had been dreadfully over-horsed. The six-year-old, fourteen hand mare “Fleur” had so terrified her previous owner she had been turned away virtually ever since being backed.

Anna soon discovered why. Fleur had a real attitude problem, plus an extremely bossy streak. Flattened ears greeted visitors and a rider on her back was only tolerated if there was no alternative. Not surprisingly, Anna eventually gave up on Fleur and spent her time with her beloved, outgrown pony, Sapphire.

Fleur was put on an Equilibra and forage diet, but as she was not being ridden, Anna’s parents decided to sell the pony. Anna, however, surprised everyone and pleaded to keep Fleur. Her exasperated mother told her they would keep the pony only if Anna rode her at a show.

Anna has less than a week to practice but found that sympathetic handing and an Equilibra diet had worked wonders, Fleur was now less difficult. The following weekend Anna and Fleur amazed everyone, competing at the first show either of them had ever entered, they actually won their class.

In recognition of her courage and success, Equilibra are delighted to present Anna with an Equilibra Achievement Award.

Anna Belton


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