• Lindsey

He looks like a different dog

I have just received the bag of Joint Aid for dogs which I ordered over the weekend. It's actually the second bag we've had. I bought the first from a local pet store, I was looking for a glucosamine supplement, and the sales assistant strongly recommended your product. I must admit I was a little cynical in the beginning about how effective it would be.

My 6 year old lab cross partially tore his cruciate ligament just before Christmas, and as it's a partial tear, I was recommended conservative treatment - lots of cage rest and restricted walks. After a couple of months there really didn't seem to be much improvement and he showed considerable stiffness in the joint when walking. I went looking for glucosamine, not because I was expecting anything to help his ligament heal, but because I wanted to help reduce the risk of arthritic joints in the future.

Within a week of starting on joint aid, my neighbour commented on how he appeared to be walking better. We're just coming to the end of the first bag, and I can honestly say he looks like a different dog. He is showing no signs of limping or stiffness in his injured joint, his muscles on his back legs look more even indicating he's walking better, and he generally has a spring in his step.

I am certain the joint aid has greatly helped his healing, so a massive thank you for such a great product!



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