• Charlotte Roberts

I have tried other feed balancers

After nearly three years of using Equilibra I have to put pen to paper to thank you for a fantastic feed balancer.

I have included some photos of my Arab Stallion, Rushden Alastif when he was a yearling. Photo “A” was taken prior to feeding him Equilibra, as you can see he wasn’t the most stunning colt, he was croup high, generally un-toned and his coat lacked luster. I had noticed your adverts in the equestrian press and thought I would give your feed a try.

Photo “B” was taken three months later, during the three months he had been fed Equilibra, well the camera never lies, the difference was incredible, and he leveled out, muscled up and had the most beautiful coat.

I began showing Rushden Alastif as a yearling on the County Show circuit, at the end of the season he had been placed every time out, he had won his class at two shows and qualified for the European Championships.

When he was two I took him off Equilibra thinking that he didn’t need it anymore, how wrong I was, he lost weight and generally didn’t have that glow that he normally possessed, I went straight back onto Equilibra.

Each year Rushden Alastif seems to go from strength to strength. Last year, as a three year old he was not placed lower than a third and at Royal Windsor Horse Show he won his class and stood reserve Supreme Champion of the Arabian classes.

I broke in Rushden Alastif three months ago and my intention this year is to concentrate on dressage. As he is only four years old I want him to have good foundations for future riding, there is a lot of prejudice towards Arabians many consider them no more than a pretty show horse, I intend to prove them wrong! But that’s another story. I was only going to compete in one in-hand showing class this year, which I have just done this weekend at Caranjoy show, the first big show of the season. Rushden Alastif won his class against Arabians who were all older than him, and went on to stand Supreme Arab Champion.

I am not a big stud owner and I only started showing Arabians when I bought Rushden Alastif, he is not molly cuddled, he is out in his field all day, every day with our other horses, a 16.3hh Friesian gelding. A horses mental state is extremely important and I don’t think you could find a more laid back Stallion. I genuinely believe Equilibra has contributed to Rushden Alastif’s successes, as beauty and well being comes from within. I have tried other feed balancers and none of them have had the results Equilibra achieve.

Thanks to Equilibra, I am the proud owner of a Champion Arab stallion.

Charlotte Roberts


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