• Bev Everard

Living proof that it really works

Just a short note to let you know how pleased I am with your product, Equilibra.

A year ago today I was told about a horse that was in a very bad way and could I possibly give it a home. I went to see the horse and got the shock of my life when this bag of bones stared out of the stable at me. Having been around horses all of my 33 yrs I have seen quite a few sights, but never have I seen anything like this. I can honestly say that even a horse with severe grass sickness on his last legs couldn’t have been any thinner.

Anyway, I took the poor creature home and if he made it through the next 24hrs it would be a sign of his sheer courage not to give up and a determination to live. The next day he was still there and looking happier apart from the fact that he was passing parts of rugs instead of dung.

Everything seemed in order and a plan to bring him slowly back to health was devised so I put him on your product and am glad to say that a year on we have just lifted Champion at a show. Who would have thought that? It seems to have been a lack of food and ignorance that caused his demise

I can totally recommend your product and I think my horse is, against all the odds living proof that it really works.

Bev Everard


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