• Keith Barnes

Results have been beyond belief

Equilibra has helped add a true Cleveland Bay outline – good top line, good second thigh and big bottom!

Our young stallion has always had difficulty maintaining weight. Most of the time he has looked like a Thoroughbred. He is allergic to barley – it brings him out in bumps.

He was licensed last October (1999). We did try to license him in 1998 but he was thin and the breed society told us to geld him. We didn’t. We believe in him.

Instead we’ve literally pumped food into him. This was changing his temperament.

In desperation, we tried Equilibra and the results have been beyond belief. He suddenly filled out in places we didn’t realise he had! We’ve now cut his hard feed down a little bit but the biggest benefit has been the change in appearance and attitude.

This weekend he traveled to Malvern for the Midlands In Hand show. It was only the second time he has been in a trailer and it was his first big show. Until now he’s only been to one local show. And guess what – we won the Championship beating a 16 year old Premium stallion.

We put it all down to Equilibra and we’ve done nothing but praise the product to everyone who congratulated us at the show.

Thank you so much for this wonderful product that has left our horse looking happy, relaxed and shapely.

Keith Barnes


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