• Mrs S.E. Oliver

Smelling much sweeter

I am writing to tell you how marvelous this product has performed on our Newfoundland ''Bruno''. Newfies do tend to have a strong doggy smell. Indeed (even with frequent bathing) coming down in the morning the smell could be most unpleasant - even to us ''Doggy'' people!

When I was at Discover Dogs last October purchasing my next supply of Joint Aid for Dogs for Bruno and our GSD I discussed Odour Aid on the stand with your representative and purchased a spray bottle to take home in the hope that this would assist in curing the odour from Bruno. We used this immediately on my return home. Within 48 hours my husband and myself both noticed the house was smelling much sweeter. It was unbelievable how swiftly the Odour Aid had worked. It was noticeable that the smell of ''dog'' was much less and on continuing to use it each day the odour has now disappeared.

I telephoned your firm when I was running low and although the product was not in the retail shops you forwarded the Odour Aid through the post by return.

The politeness of your firm and the promptness of your reply in forwarding the product is second to none.

I was pleased to be able to purchase more supplies at Crufts this visit.

I would be more than pleased and do solid recommending Odour Aid to anyone my Dog Training Classes and generally.

Yours sincerely (Mrs) S.E. Oliver


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