• Lisa Evans

What a difference it has made

You know how I appreciate how effective your Equilibra is in keeping all ages and types of horses in top condition with the minimum worry and outlay. As your feed is so complete and maximises on other feed being used, I have come to realise just how effective it is by using it on all my foals, weanlings and youngsters, as well as on competition horses, eventing, show jumping and dressage, stallions, mares and geldings.

As you know previously, I had been inclined to go for a basic supplement that is cheaper, but have found Equilibra so successful at growing, maturing and keeping fit and well all my horses that I don’t find it expensive.

I years gone by we would often leave a four year old until it was nearly five before breaking it because they needed more time to mature, but now we are finding no need to do this as they are maturing quicker.

I have enclosed a photograph of one of my successful dressage horses fed on Equilibra that you may like to use in an advert. I think I am an ideal ambassador for your product as I am a breeder and competitor of the highest level. Having already achieved International status eventing I am now competing at Prix St.George Dressage all on homebred horses. My sister who works alongside me competes at eventing all over the country and is hoping to be riding at Burghley this year where I was placed 11th in 1988. She will be competing with five event horses, numerous at riding club level, and I will be dressaging affiliated five horses also including the horses that I am bringing on and wining at local level dressage.

This is the first year that we have used Equilibra on all our horses. What a difference it has made to our competition horses – they look so well and fit. They look so well muscled, even when they are looking fit and lean. I must admit that my family was dubious of trying your product, as often new ideas are not always superior to traditional ways, but as you can see from the amount we get through, we are very impressed with the way Equilibra helps to build up and keep the horses looking at their best with minimum feed.

Lisa Evans


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