• Mrs Caole Bealing

Worth every penny and much more

I feel I must write and tell you of our success story using your product Joint Aid for Dogs.

5 years ago our “Sunny” was knocked down and a very badly injured, he was given only a very small chance of survival. 10 days later, after much TLC and attention from the hospital team and with a plate holding his shattered pelvis together, he came home, albeit with day admission for treatment. We were told that in later life he would probable —— —– —- ———.

Last October, almost 5 years later, he began to limp badly and no longer wanted his daily walk. I had heard about Joint Aid for Dogs and decided to give it a try.

Now 4 months on and it is unbelievable! “Sunny” is 15 going on 5. He loves his walks again and playing ball. He is back to having a lovely wriggle on his back which he hasn’t done for many months and can beat me up the stairs anytime! His favourite place is curled up in a ball next to me on the sofa, which is now no problem to him.

I know he will not go on forever, but if Joint Aid can help to keep him as fit as he now is, it is worth every penny and much more. Perhaps I should try it too!

Mrs Caole Bealing


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