• Denise Rodgers

Wow, what a fantastic feed

Wow, what a fantastic feed. Well done.

I have a 10 year old WCxTB. He has been on Baileys grow and win, Alfa A and over ½ lt of corn oil every day for 12 months I have tried adding all sorts to this including Releve, Ultimate finish and another one I forget the name.

However, for some very strange reason despite all the oil he had NO energy for work. He could not even manage 15 min in the school without a struggle

So in desperation I added some oats, this made a huge difference and I was pleased with how he seemed. However I was feeding a scoop a day, twice a day sometimes. This worried me because oats are not an ideal feed for horses like him. I was also concerned about the amount of Releve he was also getting as he was gaining weight.

Then a friend told me about Tiger Oats so I got some 2 weeks ago.

I only feed a mug full twice a day instead of the re level, but wow I have a new horse!!!

Today I schooled for 50min and he still cantered off bucking when I turned him out

On Sunday we did a dressage test. We had a great time and a 6th place!! Never thought I would ever be able to compete him again before I found TO’s

I cannot begin to tell you the difference the feed has made to me and my horse

Now I run out of energy before he does LOL.

Denise Rodgers


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