• Michelle Elwood

Delighted with the improvements


I would just like to let you guys know how impressed I am with the Joint Aid for Dogs with Maintenance.

I spoke to a chap on the stand at Crufts (sorry I did have his name but mislaid the info) and went through the problems with ‘Bee’ my 4 year old Border Collie bitch had. She was a quite badly abused rescue case that has had seizures and subsequently diagnosed with Spondylosis last year along with other muscular health issues.

Her maintenance programme consists of being raw fed with Verm-X as a gut cleanser. She has core strength exercises to support her, a 6 weekly massage, physiotherapy, chirotherapy, and also joint supplement.

As part of her ongoing vet monitoring she has also had courses of Carprophen every 3 months at 4 week blocks, her last course was in November and so she would have been due again in March.

Well...having had her on the Joint Aid for Dogs + Muscle Maintenance since Crufts (7 weeks) I have not felt the need for her to have that scheduled course. I haven't just made that decision, I have obviously spoken with my vet who is very open to my thoughts and concerns regarding Bee's care.

I can only conclude that alongside everything I'm doing with her, adding the Joint Aid into her diet has only been beneficial to her and having previously had her on prescribed Fortiflex, I'm delighted with the improvement in her.

Also, ‘Dex’ my older lad of 12, who has just started showing signs of stiffness, has been on it as well and his mobility (as in jumping in the car, etc.) is much improved.

I would like to add that Bee and Dex are both very active Border Collies; Dex having now retired from agility and Bee training / successfully competing weekly.

Many Thanks,

Michelle Elwood

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