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I am seeing remarkable results

Zeus had surgery for sarcoid removal and later a second operation for a hydroscele​​ removal.. both procedures meant he was in and out of work.. I was concerned about his diet and temperament along with his immune system. I met two members of your team at YHL last year and they suggested Immune Aid and X-Lam mixed with his usual [feed].

Zeus had been on your product since coming back from the show 12 November and his surgery was 5 November 2018. Zeus has always had terrible front feet and X-Lam has made a remarkable difference to his feet..

6 December I took a picture of Zeus one month after his operation and the beginning of the Muscle Maintenance... as you can see from the picture [top right] he had a lost a fair bit of muscle tone but has a healthy coat with shine.

I was sceptical [about Muscle Maintenance for Horses] at first as there are so many products on the market and it is a mind field to sort the wheat from the chaff. But since using the product and with the gradual training program for Zeus I am seeing remarkable results and yes I do have photos to prove it.

The final picture is Zeus with his new products .. thank you GWF Nutrition x

Lorraine Burwood

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