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Is jumping safe for my dog’s joints?

February 12, 2020

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July 23, 2019

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September 4, 2018

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It has made my horse what she is today

November 18, 2015

I thought you may be interested in my experience of Equilibra.


Last November I purchased Mooch, a thoroughbred mare when she was in very poor condition at the age of three and a half she had never been fed before or handled since she was a foal, but left to run wild and fend for herself in a herd of five. I did own her brother but unfortunately he had to be put down last year after an unsuccessful operation to plate his splint bone after a bad fall. The reason I bought Mooch was because I felt sorry for her. She had no name so my husband suggested Mooch meaning “Maggie’s Only Other Choice”.


In November she measured 14.3hh, 70 inches round her waist and her 5ft 9″ rug drowned her. When our vet came out to give her, her third injection on the 7th of May she did not recognised Mooch because she had grown so much. She also complemented me on her shiny coat and the fact that she had already lost all her full winter coat when so many horses had not, she said she was in show condition. At that time Mooch measured 15.2 hh, 74 inches round her waist and now needs a 6 ft rug, and has changed from a horse you wouldn’t take a second look at, to a very cocky’, “I am a very special Thoroughbred mare” kind of horse.


When I first got her I thought I would just back her then school her on and see what she turned out like, but now, with help from Equilibra, I would not contemplate selling her. When I go for my lesson every week people take a great interest in Mooch and ask ‘wherever did I find her?’ and all the time she was just down the road in a field which they ride past all the time.


A big thank you from Mooch and myself for the excellent diet that Equilibra provides, and has made my horse what she is today.


Mrs M A Wagstaff


 Before using Equilibra


 Since using Equilibra


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