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How to care for your dog or cat if you are self-isolating

March 30, 2020

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July 23, 2019

September 19, 2018

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It improved my horse’s condition

November 18, 2015

I am not generally the type of person who takes the time to write letters to praise a product or service as I am a very busy person. I must, however, make an exception in the case of your product Equilibra.


I recently purchased a bag from my local feed merchants “Galloway & MacLeod” in Stonehouse on the recommendation of one of their staff. My field has never quite recovered from the wet summer and the even wetter Winter.


My horses, Appaloosas, were not looking at their best at all and the Scottish National Show was fast looming! I thought I was too late to achieve any significant improvements as it was three weeks till show day. I certainly underestimated Equilibra. I will not go into any great detail about show day, but I took two horses to an important, well attended show and got:


  • Best female 4yrs+

  • Best male under 3

  • Female Champion (in-hand)

  • Male Champion (in-hand)

  • Best overall Western (ridden)

  • 1st Western open (ridden)

  • Reserve Champion under saddle

  • Supreme show Champion

  • Reserve supreme show Champion

  • 3rd potential dressage horse.

  • What a haul!


I’m not saying Equilibra produced winners from donkeys, but I have no doubt, whatsoever, it improved my horse’s condition and attitude enough to make the difference between Champion and “also-ran”.


I feel you should sound your own trumpet a lot more than you do. I will certainly have no hesitation in singing your praises at every opportunity and will continue to use your products.


We are now heading for the British Championships in August so watch this space!


Jan Rae

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