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How to care for your dog or cat if you are self-isolating

March 30, 2020

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July 23, 2019

September 19, 2018

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Muscle Maintenance for Horses is the top line in performance

June 26, 2019


After a six month trial of our new performance supplement Muscle Maintenance for Horses, the results have been phenomenal.


We offered 13 horse owners, (some were already customers and some were new to GWF Nutrition) the chance to trial the product and collected their feedback as well as before and after photos.


The trial showed that:


100% would recommend the product to others


100% would continue to purchase the product


100% said the product met or exceeded their expectations


100% found the product easy to feed and palatable



What they said:


"I am seeing remarkable results and yes I do have photos to prove it."

"She has felt happy in herself when worked and is less grumpy after a hard training session. Her physiotherapist has also noticed that her muscles aren't as tight."

"Brilliant product"

"This product is a good way of helping with stamina and muscle maintenance in good doers."

"Well worth the money"

"I am so pleased with Bears condition over the last 2 months. He has gained weight muscle and condition. He is more forward and has more stamina."

"Simple to use and easy addition to the mares feeding regime."


Case studies...




"I have been using muscle maintenance for the past month and have completely felt and seen a difference in my 20 year old thoroughbred who I’ve owned for 17 years.


He’s in more work at the moment than he’s ever been in yet I can honestly say he’s at his healthiest and muscle maintenance has certainly helped towards achieving this.


He is much stronger in his back end and I have seen this as he’s able to engage his hind leg better than he ever has before.


These past few weeks he’s also felt much more full of life and is looking amazing. I will definitely be continuing with Muscle Maintenance!"


Photo: Tryfan before (above) and after.




Maggie's owner Helen bought her first tub of Muscle Maintenance for Horses at Your Horse Live in November last year. "My mare is 20 years old and as she is starting to learn medium dressage movements I wanted to give her muscles support."


"After having Maggie on it over the winter I have found that despite her workload intensifying due to stepping up a level in dressage, She has felt happy in herself when worked and is less grumpy after a hard training session. Her physiotherapist has also noticed that her muscles aren't as tight."


More about the product


Formulated using ‘bodybuilding’ sources of protein that provide all the key amino acids needed for replenishing muscle tissue, this groundbreaking new supplement goes beyond the traditional approach of simply supporting muscle building and recovery – crucially it also helps to support the horse against muscle loss and tissue damage caused by hard work. Thanks to the use of key antioxidants and essential fatty acids Muscle Maintenance for Horses can help ameliorate the effect of free radicals and antagonists released during exercise.


Managing Director Stephen Tucker said, “this really is a superb product that goes above and beyond what other supplements can offer. Muscle Maintenance for Horses not only provides all the building blocks for high rates of muscle replenishment and building – it also includes vital elements like key vitamins, Omega 3 fatty acids and digestible glucose for minimising muscle fatigue and tissue breakdown – something that no other supplement offers.


“Muscle Maintenance for Horses offers owners a robust and comprehensive muscle support supplement with all the benefits of our Oatinol™ Delivery System all rolled into an easy-to-feed 2mm pellet – and at a cost-effective price too. Based on our RRP it comes in at as little at 50 pence per day for ponies and £1 per day for horses, which is really very competitive.


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