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September 19, 2018

September 4, 2018

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When should I be concerned about my dog's diarrhea? You should call your vet straightaway if your dog is very young or old, or has an existing health condition. They may also need immediate treatment if you notice any of these signs...

We all like to indulge at Christmas but many of our festive treats can actually be harmful to pets. Chocolate in particular contains theobromine...

Your vet may even recommend trying a supplement with glucosamine to support your dog’s joints before considering medical treatments.

Nutritional supplements are becoming more widely used both by us and our pets, and they can be a good way to support your cat’s or your dog’s overall health.

Here are some simple tips to help you make sure your cats, dogs and horses stay safe in this week's soaring temperatures...

Allergies in dogs generally fall under three categories - flea allergies, environmental allergies and, less commonly, food allergies.

This June the GWF team will be embarking on a gruelling 13km Spartan Race to raise much needed funds for HeroPaws.

This fantastic cause helps to rehome retired military working dogs, and eventually Jaime and Angie plan to set up a sanctuary for up to 50 dogs where they will...

When you are looking for a joint supplement for dogs, the key is the blend of building blocks, the natural anti-inflammatory support and the absorption rate in the digestive tract.

Nutritional supplements – nutrients like glucosamine for dogs are a good way to support your pet’s joints and overall flexibility of movement. A high quality joint supplement like Joint Aid for Dogs plus Muscle Maintenance contains this important nutraceutical as well as oth...

Heated pads - these can be very useful for cats or dogs who struggle with raised or padded beds. They run on a low voltage and... the extra warmth can also encourage a better blood supply.

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