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July 23, 2019

September 19, 2018

September 4, 2018

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My two 13 year old collies are doing very well on your Joint Aid for Dogs plus Muscle supplement. We've noticed an improvement which is great.

Your vet may even recommend trying a supplement with glucosamine to support your dog’s joints before considering medical treatments.

Nutritional supplements are becoming more widely used both by us and our pets, and they can be a good way to support your cat’s or your dog’s overall health.

When you are looking for a joint supplement for dogs, the key is the blend of building blocks, the natural anti-inflammatory support and the absorption rate in the digestive tract.

Hi GWF Team,

I thought, maybe, you would like to see a picture of our GSD, ‘Zak’, we’ve had from a pup and was 10 years old last November?

He has been on your Joint Aid For Dogs since we were given a free sample at Discover Dogs in 2016.  As this picture shows it seems to be w...

I started my nine year old Labrador on GWF Immune Aid Gold and Joint Aid a couple of weeks ago. Before, he had a very sensitive stomach, which cost a small fortune in vets bills, and struggled to walk any distance.

I'm amazed at the transformation in such a short time. His st...

We met these guys at your horse live early November, originally looking for joint supplement for my horse. We spoke to them about our aged Labrador. They gave us some sample packs, no hard sell.

We have finished all three now and the difference is outstanding. He is much loos...

Some feedback about your Joint Aid for Dogs product. In a word, amazing! My sixteen and a half year old Jack Russell, Ollie, used to love his walks and boisterous play with my ten year old Staffie-Jack Russell cross, Ellie.

However, earlier this year, he started slowing down...

My dogs have been on Joint Aid for Dogs for a while, and the difference in them is amazing.

I recently tried them on a leading competitor and you could see the negative impact doing so had on them. The difference in the dogs was very noticeable, for the worst.

Even in the firs...

Ernie is a ten year old plus Border Collie Cocker Spaniel Cross who started to not be able to jump into the boot, occasional yelped and then started to push his left hind leg out on longish walks.

Our local Pet shop, Kernow Pet supplies, suggested Joint Aid for Dogs. I was sc...

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