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July 23, 2019

September 19, 2018

September 4, 2018

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"This is my mare Zita who I have had from being 7 months old. She is 23 years old this year. She has had 2 foals in previous years

The warning signs of colic can be subtle and easy to miss - but it could be deadly for your horse. We cover the key symptoms and what you can do if you suspect colic.

With laminitis reportedly affecting 1 in 10 horses in Britain these days, it’s important to make sure you understand what can cause the condition and recognise

I thought you might like to see how good my horse looks, followed your advice. He is on Equlibra, Fibergest and Tiger oats. Feeling great

...she hasn't ever looked this good since owning her so I am very pleased. It's also great value for money...

...there's only the tiniest trace of the original sarcoid so I'm obviously very impressed and will continue to feed this balancer and supplement.

"Freshly clipped!! What a shine!! Only 6 weeks on Equilibra 500 and my 16y-o ex-racer Boris has the most amazing coat!.. Thank you GWF!"

"I fed Equilibra 500 to my PRE Urgente for many years, from a youngster to adulthood. I will say that it played a significant part in him growing into the horse he is now. He is currently in Spain furthering his dressage career, trained by Gonzalo Marques Obeso and ridden by...

I just wanted to email you to say thank you for your product. Attached is a picture of my stallion ‘Legend Hawk Moon’ who has won the champion of champions at the Palomino Nationals. He has won this title 4 years in a row along with other numerous championships.

He is fed on...

I've been using this since 1994 for my then 2 year old (she's now 25 and still fit and healthy). It's brilliant - wouldn't use anything else!

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