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July 23, 2019

September 19, 2018

September 4, 2018

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With laminitis reportedly affecting 1 in 10 horses in Britain these days, it’s important to make sure you understand what can cause the condition and recognise

I was sceptical at first as there are so many products on the market... But since using the product... I am seeing remarkable results and yes I do have photos to prove it.

So happy with how one of my ponies is doing in X-lam and joint aid. When I got him as a rescue 7 years ago he was massively overweight and riddled with laminitis. Have tried many many different supplements over the years with mixed results but after only three weeks on X-lam...

This has been a god send to our fell pony.  She has been having this for 18 months now and she is being turned out every day and is enjoying being a pony again after being restricted after she had laminitis 5 years ago

I was lucky to be able to take part in the trialing of this product. Nearly 3 years ago “Fee” could not move because of laminitis.


Hi, Just a thank you for producing X-Lam Aid. As you can see, my horse is doing extremely well on the product and it has certainly supported the recovery from the effects of laminitis since she has been on the product.

I was using another product prior to X-Lam Aid, however,...

My mare was cruelly struck down with laminitis on Christmas day.


With the help of my vet, Farrier and X-Lam Aid, my mare is fully sound and recently won the veteran M and M large breed championships at Richmond.


Thank you.


Lynda Farrer

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