The story so far...

Almost 50 years ago we made our very first batch of animal feed from a tithe barn in the heart of Wiltshire. Using a unique set of carefully chosen ingredients supported by generations of nutritional expertise, we’ve been creating first class nutrition for your animals (and ours!) ever since.


Doing it differently

We’ve been pushing the boundaries of what nutrition can do for animal health since we started on this journey, and we’re still at it today, formulating and producing all our own feeds and supplements on site at our own mill. And because we’ve earned a reputation for the quality of our products, we’re now also manufacturing custom feeds and supplements for other companies on a commercial scale too.

A holistic approach

Unlike other products on the market, our feeds and supplements don’t just address one area of the body. Each one is designed to work in harmony with your animal’s natural physiology to care for their whole body and general health at the same time as supporting specific areas – and the difference that our customers see in their pets says it all.

We get hundreds of thank you emails and messages from relieved and delighted pet owners who can’t believe the transformation in their animals – why not have a look at some of our testimonials and reviews to see for yourself?

We're here to help

When we started out all those years ago, it was fuelled by a love of animals and a passion for nutrition. 50 years on and our mission hasn’t changed – but these days our supplements and feeds are helping thousands more cats, dogs, horses and alpacas than we could ever have hoped, and the numbers are growing every day.

We’re here to help and we’d love to hear from you and your animals, whether you have an old cat with stiff legs or you’d like some feeding advice for your dressage horse. We hope by the end of it we’ll have been able to make a small but important difference to your family.