Contract Manufacturing (B2B)

Contract Manufacturing

With unrivalled experience in the design, formulation and production of specialist animal feeds and supplements, GWF Nutrition is a key manufacturer in the UK with links to Europe and the rest of the world.

Specialising in the production of 2mm-5mm pelleted and meal products, our dedicated manufacturing facility in Wiltshire provides many companies with a comprehensive answer to their specific production needs on a strictly confidential basis.

As a Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS) registered company, all our products are manufactured to the highest standards and offer full traceability.

Who Benefits?

  • Companies looking to outsource.
  • Companies looking to develop their own brand based on our existing proven products.
  • Companies looking to develop their own brands based on their own product specifications.

Why Private Label?

  • Tailored - Private labelling let you sell self-tailored products designed to your specifications and produced to the highest standards – without the hassle of actually producing them.
  • Targeted - With private labels, you can target different price segments, adjust your offering, tweak formulation or presentation – literally anything you want.
  • Complete - With the right partner, you have a complete – and completely reliable – ready-to-sell solution.

Our Benefits

  • Manufacturing facility in Wiltshire England.
  • In-house Technical and R&D Department.
  • Fast production times.
  • Low minimum order quantities (MOQ's).
  • Worldwide distribution possibilities.
  • Access to unique beneficial ingredients and production methods.
  • Diverse packaging and ingredient capabilities.
  • Ongoing nutritional and technical support

Need More Information?

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