Bowls containing Omega 3 Aid Oil for Dogs on a worktop

Caring for your animal’s wellbeing is about more than treating a stiff hip or itchy skin. We know that the right nutrition properly applied can support your animal’s overall wellbeing.

That’s why we choose our ingredients with great care, using nutraceuticals for their natural health benefits, with a real focus on digestive health as well as the natural anti-inflammatory actions of the body. Some of these ingredients are unique to GWF.


This groundbreaking delivery system uses a unique blend of oils, including hemp oil and oat oil, to give a higher absorption rate of nutrients into your animals digestive system - which means improved bioavailability of those important nutricines for your animal. This is our own unique formulation and can be found in the vast majority of our feeds and supplements.

Black Oats

We grow an old variety of these lean, low starch oats especially for our own products in Berkshire. The oil from these oats is a key part of our trademarked Oatinol™ Delivery System, which helps to protect the gut from ulcers and leaky gut syndrome and means your animal can absorb more of the vital nutrients. They are the perfect working feed for horses if balanced properly.


We were the first feed manufacturer to start using hempseed in 2010. It is the best source of Omega 3 fatty acids in the plant world and is rich in vitamin E (a natural antioxidant) and amino acids (great for healthy muscles). It’s also highly digestible, particularly for horses, which makes it an ideal ingredient to support hind gut digestion.  

Micronized Beet Pulp

Not only is this a natural prebiotic supporting friendly bacteria in the gut, it is also a valuable source of high digestible pectin fibre which is great for maintaining condition in your horse. It supports the lining of the gut and is also a good source of uronic acid, found in hyaluronic acid which is good for the joints.


You may well have heard of the spice turmeric or golden paste as a popular nutrient used for all kinds of health benefits. However, curcumin is the active ingredient of turmeric and it is a natural and powerful antioxidant which supports the normal anti-inflammatory action of the body. We use a concentrated form of curcumin (containing as much as 98% curcuminoids, compared to 2-3% in turmeric) to make the most of its natural properties.  

Collagen Matrix

Collagen is the body’s natural glue and gives tissues in the body their firmness and resilience – which is why it’s an important ingredient in many of our supplements.In our joint supplements for dogs, cats and horses it is beneficial for connecting and supporting the bones, tendons, muscles and cartilage. We also use it in our hoof care supplement as it’s crucial for the integrity of the base membrane of the horse’s hoof and for the tendons and ligaments that connect to the hoof.


Because we understand how important digestion is to overall health, we also make most of our feeds & supplements as micropellets. These are very easily digested and will also be a simple accompaniment to your pet’s regular diet, either mixed in if they are having wet food or simply sprinkled on top.