Digestive Aid for Dogs™

Contains probiotics and prebiotics to support
gut microflora and "good" bacteria

A high specification supplement for all dogs; designed to support digestive health and wellbeing.

*100% No-Risk Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Digestive Aid for Dogs 500g Pouch

Digestive Aid for Dogs™

Contains Verm-X® - an award winning veterinary approved formulation to address gut hygiene

A high specification digestion supplement for all dogs; designed to address intestinal challenges and maintain health.

*100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee.

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What are the Benefits of Feeding Digestive Aid for Dogs? 

  • Provides probiotics and prebiotics to support gut microflora and "good" bacteria.
  • Rich in anti-inflammatories, antioxidants and acid buffers to support a healthy and balanced digestive tract.
  • Contains Verm-X - a veterinary approved herbal formulation for addressing gut hygiene.
  • Supports odour control.
  • Provides a unique combination of 24 active nutraceuticals.
  • Contains the Oatinol® Delivery System to maintain a high rate of nutrient absorption.
  • Contains high levels of Omega 3 to support optimum health and performance.
  • Wheat gluten free.
  • A 100% Non GM, soya free formulation.
  • Manufactured to Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS) standards as palatable, easy-to-feed 2mm pellets.

When Should I feed Digestive Aid to My Dog?

Digestive Aid is recommended for dogs that need support with digestive health. A healthy dog exhibits its physical state through the quality of its skin and coat, the brightness of its eyes and its normal behaviour.

Digestive Aid for Dogs is a combination of 24 active nutraceuticals, herbs and microscopic compounds, designed to support digestive health and help keep your dog in first-class physical condition.

*100% No-Risk Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

This product is offered within the UK with a full Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. Simply follow the feeding recommendation and if there is no change in your dog whatsoever after the pack has been used, we will refund the purchase cost, minus any postage costs (if applicable).

For full terms and conditions, please visit: Terms and Conditions.

Explained - Nutraceuticals & the Oatinol® Delivery System

Explained - The 20 Active Nutraceuticals in Digestive Aid for Dogs

Nutraceuticals are products derived from food sources with extra health benefits in addition to their basic nutritional value.


Stimulates enzyme production, increases gastric fluids and helps to reduce bloating.  


Rich in anti-inflammatories and antioxidants, with prebiotic properties to help restore the balance of gut bacteria.


Supports a healthy lymphatic system and helps to relax the digestive system. High in natural vitamin C.


An active ingredient of the spice, turmeric. It is a natural and powerful antioxidant and supports the normal anti-inflammatory action of the body in conjunction with vitamins C and E and selenium.


Helps support the natural anti-inflammatory actions in the bowel and decreases the bacteria that can cause excess gas.


Supports good circulation, which helps to eliminate bad bacteria and detoxify the body. Also has anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties.

Glutamic Acid

Glutamic Acid is a natural flavour enhancer and an important nutritional support for gut health during times of stress.

Natural Buffering Material

A natural source of magnesium and calcium as an acidity regulator to help stimulate and reinforce mucus lining in the gastrointestinal tract and stomach lining.


A natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Helps detoxify the body and balance gut bacteria.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Crucial for maintaining the natural anti-inflammatory action of the body.


Contains natural properties to help relax the digestive system, reduce trapped gas and firm stools.

Prebiotics (x4)

Prebiotics are important for maintaining good digestion and the release of nutrients absorption.


A live micro-organism supporting a healthy and stable microflora, helping to firm stools and reduce faecal odour.


A powerful natural anti-parasite and insecticide.

Slippery Elm

Helps to prevent excess acidity in the digestive tract. Lubricates the digestive system and helps calm irritation and inflammation.


Supports a healthy digestive tract and bowels.

Toxin Binders

A blend of microscopic absorbent compounds that aid the natural expulsion of antagonists found in feed and the environment.

Explained - The 4 Active Nutraceuticals in the Oatinol Delivery System

Nutraceuticals are products derived from food sources with extra health benefits in addition to their basic nutritional value.

Oatinol is a natural high quality oil based concept developed by and unique to GWF Nutrition. When incorporated into the feed it supplies the following four active nutraceuticals to:

  • Maintain gut cell integrity.
  • Maintain the lining of the gut.
  • Support the immune system.
  • Aid the absorption of active ingredients, vitamins and trace elements.

Galactolipid Natural Emulsifiers

Galactolipids are a combination of sugar and fat molecules that create the perfect medium for the absorption of active ingredients across the gut wall.

Natural Tocotrienol Antioxidants

Tocotrienol antioxidants are a natural form of vitamin E. They are 40-60 times more readily available than other forms of vitamin E and help to maintain the integrity of the cells forming the lining of the gut to aid absorption.

Oat Derived Beta Glucans

Beta Glucans have prebiotic properties that support beneficial bacteria in the gut to promote healthy absorption.


Phospholipids have emulsifying properties and have been shown to actively influence nutrient digestibility and absorption.

Daily Feeding Recommendation

  • Simply mix with your dog's normal feed.
  • Digestive Aid can be fed to all dogs regardless of age, size or level of exercise.​
  • For continued support, Digestive Aid for Dogs is recommended to be fed on a daily basis.
  • 1 Measure (Included) = 10gm.
Size of Dog Maintenance Level

Small (up to 15kg)

Medium (16 - 30kg)

Large (31 - 45kg)

X-Large (Over 45kg)

1/2 Measure (5gm) / Day

1 Measure (10gm)/ Day

2 Measures (20gm) / Day

3 Measures (30gm) / Day

Additional Product Information

Product Information & Analysis



Form & Pack Size(s)                                                                                            


Manufactured as:

  • Very Digestible 2mm Pellets

Available in:

  • 500gm Minimum Waste Pouch​es

Analytical Constituents

  • 13% Crude Protein
  • 8% Crude Fat
  • 16% Crude Fibre
  • 10% Crude Ash
  • 19% Starch
  • 2.5% Sugar
  • 2.6% Calcium
  • 0.4% Phosphorus
  • 0.1% Sodium
  • 0.5% Magnesium
  • 1% Omega 3 Fatty Acids


  • Black Oats
  • Hemp Meal
  • Micronized (Sugar) Beet Pulp
  • 10% Prebiotic (Galacto, Xylo, Fructo, Mannan)
  • Natural Calcium & Magnesium Carbonate (Natural Buffer)
  • 3% Verm-X Botanicals
  • Vegetable Oils & Fats (inc. Oatinol)
  • Toxin Binder
  • Calcium Sulphate Anhydrous (Pellet Binder)
  • Yeast Cell Wall          

Sensory Additives


Flavour Enhancers (/kg):

  • 5gm L-Glutamic Acid (2b620)
  • 1gm Curcuma Longa (2b163-ex) (Turmeric Extract)
  • 7.2mg Premixture of Sensory Compounds
  • 4mg Neohesperidine Dihydrochalcone (2b959)

Technological Additives


Binders & Anti-Caking Agents (/kg)​:

  • 3gm Bentonite (1m558i)

Zootechnical Additives


Gut Flora Stabalisers (/kg):

  • 2e11 CFU (4b1820) Bacillus velezensis (EU) / Bacillus subtilis (UK) C-3102 (DSM 15544)

Quality Assurance / Storage Advice & Additional Information 

  • This product is manufactured to Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS) standard.
  • This product should be stored in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight.
  • Download product Images.​

Associated Knowledge Base Articles

For more detailed information relating to the benefits of this product, please refer to the following Knowledge Base articles:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Why Should I Feed Digestive Aid for Dogs?

Digestive Aid is designed for dogs struggling with digestive issues, including poor stools (constipation or diarrhoea) and dogs who are struggling to absorb essential nutrients in the diet.

It is formulated with our Oatinol® Delivery System™ designed to improve the absorption of nutrients through the gut wall and help block pathogens. Digestive Aid also includes a toxin binder to address commonly found toxins in your dog's feed or environment as well as 4 prebiotics for supporting your dog's gut health:

  • Galacto – Oligosaccharides – encourage multiplication of beneficial Bifidobacterium specifically within the lower gut and also increase bowel mass.
  • Mannan - Oligosaccharides - these have a positive regulatory effect on the composition of gut flora.
  • Fructo – Oligosaccharides - encourage healthy stools whilst feeding the good bacteria in the colon.
  • Xylo – Oligosaccharides – help establish good bacteria in the gut, improve the structural element of the gut and promote healthy lipid (fat) and blood sugar levels.

The Verm-X used in Digestive Aid is an award winning veterinary approved formulation to address gut issues & hygiene, and micronized beet pulp also helps develop lower gut villi which increases the absorption potential.

Is Digestive Aid for Dogs Safe for Pregnant and Lactating Bitches?

Yes Digestive Aid is suitable for pregnant dogs. In most cases, Digestive Aid will help to improve digestive health in the mother including the absorption of essential nutrients, and help achieve a healthy puppy.  

Is Digestive Aid Suitable for Puppies?

Yes, our supplements are suitable for all dogs regardless of age or exercise level.

Do I Need to Give a Loading Amount?

No not usually. Thanks to Oatinol, we usually see a high rate of nutrient absorption with our supplements and therefore your animal will benefit quicker. If your dog is fussy or sensitive to changes then we would advise introducing the supplement over a period of 10 days, starting with 50% of the recommended amount and increasing this gradually.

Can Digestive Aid be Given Alongside Your Other Supplements for Dogs?

Yes you can give Digestive Aid for Dogs along with any of our other supplements. There may sometimes be a crossover with ingredients, but your dog will simply pass any excess amounts and the chances of side effects are very small.

However, we would advise some caution with Raw Aid for Cats & Dogs, especially if you are also giving fortified complete feeds or other multivitamin & mineral supplements.

Can I Try a Sample Before I Buy?

Yes of course, if you would like a sample of one of our products please just get in touch.

Are There Any Side Effects I Should Look Out for With Digestive Aid?

Unless your dog has an allergy to any of the ingredients themselves, there are no known side effects from the product.  

Is Digestive Aid Economical to Feed?

Digestive Aid can actually be very cost effective, especially when you consider the potential costs of rejected feed, sickness and veterinary bills.

Would Digestive Aid be Suitable for a Dog with Gastro Colitis?

Yes it would be suitable. Digestive Aid will be able to support the body's natural anti-inflammatory processes thanks to curcumin and piperine, as well as helping with absorption from the prebiotics and providing overall digestive support.

Need More Information?

For all general enquiries, technical and feeding support, please telephone: +44 (0)1225 708482 or email: info@gwfnutrition.com