Farrier's Aid for Horses with pellets

Farrier's Aid for Horses™

Contains biotin, sulphur & zinc to aid the hardening of hoof horn and prevent cracking

A high specification hoof care supplement for all horses and ponies, designed to maintain hoof integrity and normal healthy growth.

Farrier's Aid for Horses™

Contains biotin, sulphur & zinc to aid the hardening of hoof horn and prevent cracking

A high specification hoof care supplement for all horses and ponies; designed to maintain hoof integrity and healthy growth.

Farrier's Aid for Horses with pellets

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What are the Benefits of Feeding Farrier's Aid for Horses? 

  • Contains biotin, sulphur and zinc to aid the hardening of hoof horn and prevent cracking.
  • Helps maintain hoof integrity and normal growth.
  • Provides a unique combination of 26 active nutraceuticals including protected copper and manganese.
  • Contains rosehip flavouring for palatability and easier feeding
  • Contains the Oatinol® Delivery System to maintain a high rate of nutrient absorption.
  • Contains high levels of Omega 3 to support optimum health and performance.
  • Wheat gluten free.
  • A 100% non-GM, soya free formulation.
  • Manufactured to Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS) standards as palatable, easy-to-feed 2mm pellets.

When Should I feed Farrier's Aid to My Horse?

Farriers's Aid should be fed to any equine that shows signs of unhealthy hooves.

Explained - Nutraceuticals & the Oatinol® Delivery System

Explained - The 22 Active Nutraceuticals in Farrier's Aid for Horses

Nutraceuticals are products derived from food sources with extra health benefits in addition to their basic nutritional value.

Amino Acids (x8)

Methionine & lysine are integral sulphur sources essential for hoof repair and development. Includes arginine (improves blood flow around the body and in the hoof), glutamic acid, glycine, proline, threonine & tryptophan.  


Aids the hardening of hoof horn to prevent cracking. It is an essential requirement for keratin production in the hoof, laminae and the coronary band and is critical to maintain overall hoof integrity and condition. Also helps to maintain normal blood glucose levels.

Copper, Manganese & Vitamin C (x3)

All essential for maintaining the growth of tendons, ligaments and hooves, the formation of cartilage and the elasticity of connective tissue. It is very important for the working horse to maintain its freedom of movement and suppleness when in motion. A complex structure like the hoof endures significant pressures and will include substantial supportive networks of tissues.


An active ingredient of the spice, turmeric. It is a natural and powerful antioxidant and supports the normal anti-inflammatory action of the body.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)

Essential for the manufacture of collagen and a source of sulphur, which helps to form cross links with other molecules that maintain the strength and integrity of connective tissues.

Natural Buffering Material

Natural buffering material helps to stabilise pH levels in the hindgut at around 6.5-7 to support friendly bacteria that can be susceptible to acidic conditions. The pH in the digestive tract can be lowered by sugar overload, so restricting grass and providing natural acid buffering aids micro flora and gut wall integrity.

Oligosaccharides (Mannan) (Prebiotics)

Support the immune system by maintaining naturally high levels of macrophage activity to block harmful organisms, such as some unnatural moulds and fungi prevalent in hay, being absorbed into the bloodstream.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Anti-inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids provide a daily source of essential fat components, providing the correct dietary balance with pro-inflammatory omega 6. Omega 3's are also found in large concentrations in spermatozoa and are essential for maintaining cell wall integrity and preventing moisture/oil loss from the skin.

Rosehip Extract

Naturally high in biotin and vitamin C, Rosehip promotes circulation whilst adding a palatable flavour.

Vitamin D3

Crucial for bone development. Also important for the immune system, fertility and the release of insulin.

Vitamin E (Alpha-Tocopherol)

A biological antioxidant and essential for healthy reproductive, muscular, circulatory, nervous and immune systems. Has anti-ageing properties.

Yeast Cultures

Help to stabilise the pH in the foregut and encourage the development of beneficial fibre digesting bacteria. This is important when feeding cereal based feeds as starch is converted into lactic acid, which can increase acidity and create an unfavourable environment for the fibre digesting bacteria. Significantly improve the digestibility of phosphorus from normal feed.

Zinc (Protected)

Essential for keratin production and hoof integrity. Supports insulin production, wound healing and the immune system.

Explained - The 4 Active Nutraceuticals in the Oatinol Delivery System

Nutraceuticals are products derived from food sources with extra health benefits in addition to their basic nutritional value.

Oatinol is a natural high quality oil based concept developed by and unique to GWF Nutrition. When incorporated into the feed it supplies the following four active nutraceuticals to:

  • Maintain gut cell integrity.
  • Maintain the lining of the gut.
  • Support the immune system.
  • Aid the absorption of active ingredients, vitamins and trace elements.

Galactolipid Natural Emulsifiers

Galactolipids are a combination of sugar and fat molecules that create the perfect medium for the absorption of active ingredients across the gut wall.

Natural Tocotrienol Antioxidants

Tocotrienol antioxidants are a natural form of vitamin E. They are 40-60 times more readily available than other forms of vitamin E and help to maintain the integrity of the cells forming the lining of the gut to aid absorption.

Oat Derived Beta Glucans

Beta Glucans have prebiotic properties that support beneficial bacteria in the gut to promote healthy absorption.


Phospholipids have emulsifying properties and have been shown to actively influence nutrient digestibility and absorption.

Daily Feeding Recommendation

  • Simply mix with your horse or pony's normal feed.​
  • 1 Measure (Included) = 100gm
Category Daily Feeding Level

All Horses & Ponies

1 Measure (100gm) / Day

Additional Product Information

Product Information & Analysis



Form & Pack Size(s)                                                                                            


Manufactured as:

  • Very Digestible 2mm Pellets

Available in:

  • 3kg Minimum Waste Pouch​es

Analytical Constituents

  • 19% Crude Protein
  • 7.5% Crude Fat
  • 9.5% Crude Fibre
  • 15% Crude Ash
  • <8% Starch
  • 3% Sugar
  • 2.8% Calcium
  • 0.9% Magnesium
  • 0.4% Phosphorus
  • 0.2% Sodium
  • 2% Sulphur
  • 2.5% Omega 3 Fatty Acids


  • Micronized (Sugar) Beet Pulp
  • Linseed Expeller
  • Black Oats
  • 5% Oligosaccharides (Mannan)
  • Natural Calcium & Magnesium Carbonate (Natural Buffer)
  • Grassmeal
  • 3% MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)
  • Rosehip Extract
  • Vegetable Oils (inc. Oatinol)
  • Seaweed Meal
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Calcium Sulphate Anhydrous (Pellet Binder)


Nutritional Additives


Amino Acids (/kg):

  • 3.2% Methionine - (30gm Methionine/DL-Methionine Technically Pure (3c301))
  • 2.4% Arginine – (15gm Arginine/L-Arginine Technically Pure (2b17003))
  • 1.4% Lysine – (10gm Lysine/L-Lysine Monohydrochloride Technically Pure (3c322))
  • 1% Proline – (4.4gm Proline/L-Proline (2b17019))
  • 0.8% Glycine – (2.5gm Glycine/L-Glycine (2b17034))
  • 0.8% Threonine (3.2gm Threonine/L-Threonine (3c410))
  • 0.3% Tryptophan – (1.2gm Tryptophan/L-Tryptophan (3c441))

Trace Elements (/kg):

  • 500mg Zinc (3b615 Zinc Chelate of Lysine and Glutamic Acid)
  • 200mg Copper (3b415 Copper Chelate of Lysine and Glutamic Acid)
  • 150mg Manganese (3b504 Manganese Chelate of Amino Acids Hydrate)

Vitamins (/kg):

  • 5000iu Vitamin D3 (3a671)
  • 3500mg Vitamin C (3a300)
  • 3000mg Vitamin E (3a700)
  • 400mg Biotin (3a880)
  • 61mg Vitamin A Precursor (3a160(a) Beta-Carotene)

Sensory Additives


Flavour Enhancers (/kg):

  • 25gm Premixture of Flavouring Compounds
  • 10gm L-Glutamic Acid (2b620)
  • 3gm Curcuma Longa (2b163-ex)(Turmeric Extract)

Technological Additives


Binders & Anti-Caking Agents (/kg):

  • 5.7gm Sepiolite (E 562)
  • 5gm Silicic Acid (E 551a)

Zootechnical Additives


Digestibility Enhancers (/kg):

  • 2e10 CFU 4b1702 Saccharomyces Cerevisiae CNCM I-4407 (Actisaf Sc47)

Quality Assurance / Storage Advice & Additional Information 

  • This product is manufactured to Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS) standard.
  • This product should be stored in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight.
  • Download product Images.​

Associated Knowledge Base Articles

For more detailed information relating to the benefits of this product, please refer to the following Knowledge Base articles:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Who Should Farrier's Aid be Fed to?

Farrier's Aid should be fed to horses or ponies showing signs of unhealthy hooves.

Can Farrier's Aid be Fed with a Balancer?

Yes absolutely, it is specifically designed to be fed alongside our own balancer Equilibra and can also be fed alongside our vitamin and mineral supplement OneCup.

Can Farrier's Aid be Fed With Your Other Supplements?  

Yes absolutely.

Is Farrier's Aid GM Free?

Yes, Farrier's Aid is completely free from GM ingredients.

What Makes Farrier's Aid Unique?

Farrier's Aid is specifically designed to supply the nutrients required to strengthen the hoof, allowing the body to make its own repair whilst working with any mechanical treatment recommended by the Farrier. Farrier's Aid has also been formulated with the Oatinol Delivery System™ for superior uptake of active nutraceuticals.

Does Farrier's Aid Contain a High Level of Starch?

Although Farrier's Aid does contain a certain amount of starch, it is at a low level given the recommended feed rate. It is also needed for helping the absorption of other ingredients.  

Does Farrier's Aid Contain Wheat? 

No absolutely not. It does contain horse (black) oats, which have less starch than feed oats. They also provide slower release energy when compared with feeds like wheat or maize, which are much higher in starch and can be dangerous for an equine.

What's the Energy Level/DE of Farrier's Aid?

11.4 DE (April 2024)

Can You Feed Too Much Farrier's Aid?

Yes, Farrier's Aid contains certain actives like copper and zinc which may be harmful if fed at very high levels.

Can Farrier's Aid be Given to Mare in Foal?

Yes the product is suitable for a pregnant mare. Hoof health problems may lead to other issues for the mare, including less forage intake, acidic gut conditions and a higher chance of laminitis.  

Do You Have to Feed a Hoof Supplement to Improve Hoof Integrity?

No, Equilibra actually contains a number of actives to benefit the hoof and if fed early on, should help to prevent issues with the hoof (although hereditary issues may still be passed on). Farrier's Aid can also work with Equilibra in improving poor hoof situations. With this approach, you may even get to a point where you can remove Farrier's Aid and just feed Equilibra. Ultimately we believe that the ideal approach is the right overall nutrition and a great balancer called Equilibra!

Need More Information?

For all general enquiries, technical and feeding support, please telephone: +44 (0)1225 708482 or email: info@gwfnutrition.com