Is Jumping Safe For My Dog's Joints?

As natural born athletes, jumping is instinctive for dogs and in the wild would have been important for catching prey. These days your dog probably jumps on a regular basis when it comes to things like getting in and out of the car or exploring the woods on a country walk. And with sports like agility and flyball gaining in popularity we are asking our dogs to jump on command too.

Allergies in Dogs

Itchy dog? At certain times of year environmental allergies are rife, and thanks to changes in climate and more advanced allergy testing, allergies in dogs are becoming more and more apparent. But how do you know if your furry friend has an allergy and how can you find out exactly what they are allergic to?
June 18, 2020

Muscle Atrophy in Dogs: How to Spot the Signs

Muscle atrophy, or muscle loss, is the wasting away of your dog’s muscles. It can present in a number of ways and can be caused by ageing, illness or simply by reduced activity. Larger breeds can be more likely to suffer as they can age faster than small breeds, and are more prone to conditions like arthritis, but muscle atrophy can affect any dog. And although it's often seen in the legs, particularly the back legs, it can also be seen in the stomach or even the head.
May 14, 2020