A Pembroke Welsh Corgi Sits on a Throne

Corgis Make a Comeback

As the nation gets ready to mark the Queen's historic Platinum Jubilee we’re also celebrating a British dog breed making a comeback - the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Famous for being the Queen’s choice of pet, this lovable dog certainly has a lot going for it.

Although they were originally working dogs used for herding cattle, Corgis are friendly, loyal and easy to care for, making them wonderful family pets.

In fact, the once vulnerable Corgi has been making something of a comeback in recent years and the UK saw its popularity skyrocket during the pandemic.

And in November 2021 the Pembroke Welsh Corgi made it onto the Kennel Club’s list of London’s 20 most popular dog breeds. If you're thinking about welcoming one of these pint-sized pups into your family, familiarising yourself with their needs and characteristics first is the best way to make sure they are a good fit.

5 Things You Should Know About Corgis

  1. Corgis are Lively and Loveable

    Although some say the name Corgi means “dwarf dog” in Welsh, this energetic dog certainly doesn’t let a little thing like size get in its way! They are lively and very vocal and for that reason they make great watchdogs too.
  2. They are Easy to Train

    Corgis are usually highly intelligent as well as being eager to learn, which makes them easy to train. They are said to be highly motivated by food too, which can certainly help when it comes to teaching them a new trick or two!
  3. Corgis Make Excellent Family Pets

    The Queen is thought to have had over 30 Corgis during her lifetime and it’s easy to see why. Lively and loving, these diminutive dogs are friendly, fun and sociable. Corgis are herding dogs and are used to the company of other animals as well as people. They are perfectly suited to a house with plenty of people but will not do well left at home alone all day if family members are out working.
  4. They're Moderately Active

    They do need a moderate amount of exercise but you don’t need to live in the countryside to keep a Corgi. They will be perfectly happy in an urban setting as long as they have a garden to play in. The average Corgi won't mind fitting in with a more active lifestyle if needed as well.
  5. Corgis Can Be Big Characters

    Corgis are usually quite happy, friendly dogs but they can also be stubborn, wilful and even domineering towards other animals. But with the right environment and training they are loving and a pleasure to be around.

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Taking Care of your Corgi

Corgis Need a Lot of Grooming

Corgis have extremely thick coats and should be groomed at least twice a week to keep their coat in good condition. They also shed quite substantially, sometimes twice a year so this is something to be prepared for! If you are looking for some help with keeping your Corgi’s coat at its best why not adding try our Omega 3 Oil for Dogs to your daily feeding routine? This skin and coat supplement is made from sustainable vegetable sources and contains twice as much Omega 3 as salmon oil.

Corgis are Prone to Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia in Corgis can take a while to develop but the signs can start to emerge even in dogs as young as 6 months old. Telltale signs of joint issues like hip dysplasia include difficulty getting up from bed, slower movements or a change in their gait. For breeds with known vulnerabilities it’s worth adding a joint supplement like Joint Aid for Dogs to their food as a preventative measure to help keep joints health and supple before issues appear. Joint Aid for Dogs can be given at any age and is suitable for all breeds. It’s worth remembering that joint problems can be exacerbated by obesity as well as too much, or not enough, exercise. If you’re not sure how many steps your Corgi should be clocking up check with your vet for some advice.

Other Common Corgi Health Issues

Corgis are also prone to a number of other issues like progressive retinal atrophy, cataracts and degenerative myopathy (leading to muscle atrophy and weakness). It’s important to make sure you keep up regular visits to the vet so that any emerging issues can be identified and properly treated or managed.

For the Love of Corgis

Ultimately if you are planning to welcome a Corgi into the family do your homework just like you would with any other pet. As long as you make sure you can meet their needs, including that all important company during the day, they make great companions and are an ideal choice for first time dog owners.

May 27, 2022