How much you should feed your horse depends on the weight of your animal and working this out is not always easy.

If you don't have access to a horse weighbridge, this calculation gives a handy way to estimate your horse or pony's weight with a few simple measurements. It is also more accurate than weight tapes, so it's ideal for calculating feeds and worming treatments. However, if an accurate weight is required for any reason, scales should still be used.

Taking Your Horse's Measurements

The heart girth is from the horse's armpits to the base of the withers, forming a complete circle around the horse set on an angle.

The length is measured from the very centre of the chest to the very centre of the tail, ensuring it goes across the shoulder.

  • The calculation

(Heart girth² x Length)/11877 +10 = weight in kgs

Note: this calculation may not be accurate for very tall horses and should not be used for miniature or growing horses. A very heavy or thin barrel may also affect the accuracy of the calculation.

Feeding Guidelines for Your Horse

For more advice on feeding your horse see our blog article Hay or Haylage? Getting Forage Feeding Right and our Equine Feeding Guide.

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June 24, 2020