Equine muscle issues like tying up can be common.


Whether you are gearing up for competition season or you have an ex-performance horse enjoying its retirement, issues like tying up or muscle loss can be common and frustrating. And because all horses use their muscles extensively during every ride, giving them the proper care is essential. Follow these tips to keep your horse’s muscles in tip top condition.

Make Sure Your Horse is Getting The Right Kind of Exercise

Include varied work but ensure that you concentrate on the area that relates to the type of discipline you are training for to build your horse's muscle condition.

Warm Up & Cool Down

Always include walk and trot work for your horse as well as some circle work for the lateral muscles. Allow the horse to stretch out as much as possible and loosen the girth prior to removing the saddle so the back muscles can also relax.

Rest & Recovery for Your Horse

Rest and recovery is important but look out for wastage in your horse's muscles. You can help reduce muscle loss by allowing as much free movement as possible.

Nutritional Supplements for Your Horse

If there is muscle damage or wastage, consider a supplement for horses that can provide additional amino-acids, like Muscle Maintenance for Horses.

What to Feed Your Horse for Good Muscle Condition

  • Amino Acids

Rather than looking for high protein feeds, look for feed with higher levels of the required amino acids - vital for repair and regeneration of your horse's muscles.

  • Vitamins, Minerals, Trace Elements and Antioxidants

Horses undergoing higher levels of work may require an additional supply of these vital nutrients to support the muscles.

  • Digestible glucose

Sugar and starch levels are an area of concern for many horse owners, but a working horse will fatigue quicker without a suitable source of energy in its feed.

  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Important for helping to moderate the breakdown of your horse's muscle tissue.

Need some feeding advice?

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July 16, 2020